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 Redalic Info, USA Equivalent
Dec 29 2015, 01:29 AM
Humans live short lives

The country of Redalic is made up of many cities and miles of country side. They allow people who are not human to live in their cities, so you will find a mix of cultures and people inside it's boarders. The University of Redalic is one of the best schools in the world though it focuses primarily on medical and technological fields. Their students have produced some of the most advanced technologies for travel and communication in the world.

There is a ban on weapons of mass destruction and their development, but no country is perfect. It has those people who break the laws and do things underground that can't be stopped till it's too late. The capital is Clearview, the large sprawling city that is home to both the university and to most of the government research facilities. The humans are currently trying to develop a form of space travel that can carry large numbers of people .

Almost any medical procedure you can think of can be done here. And though they are highly regulated for safety and cleanliness, you can get almost any kind of surgery or procedure as long as a psychiatrist says that you're of sound mind when you ask for it. To be human and very advanced, the country seems to be very open minded about most things. There are still clashes between different races and different species, but they are far less than they could be.

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