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 Clearview Information, NYC equivalent
Dec 27 2015, 12:41 PM
Fusion, past, present, future
Clearview is a fusion. It is a fusion of magic, technology and human ingenuity. While humans don't have magic, they are not afraid to use it or seek it out when they need it. The city of Clearview is a clear example of that. Buildings that change color, hair that does the same. Magic is great fun for human in simple applications and they use it without hesitation.

The city itself is a mix of styles, modern with clean lines and solar energy, while other parts are steam powered and covered in warm copper. In the outlying areas of the city, the suburbs you will find as wide a mix of homes. Old noble families that have hundreds of acres and castles or estates, poor farmers who work themselves to the bone. Yet again you find typical human suburbs with soccer moms and PTA meetings.

While this is city is human, inside a human country, you will find non-humans living among them selling their wares, services or just living in general. Not all humans get along with non-humans, but many of them do and enough non-humans offer services that humans can't get anywhere else that the few complainers are tolerable.
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