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 Port Cytin, Shanghai port equivalent
Oct 27 2016, 11:49 AM
The sea, once it casts its spell

Port Cytin is the oldest and largest port on the planet. Since the day it came to be, all species and races have used to for trade and travel. There are area's inside the port city that are sectioned off to different species. This allows those people who do not get along with other races and species the ability to still use the port and trade. The majority of the area is mixed and diverse though.

The United Species Parliament was set up here centuries ago in an attempt to try to keep the peace between the different species and races. This has not always worked as the wars over the years have shown, but they have been able to negotiate peace and bring the wars to an end. There have been numerous wars that they have prevented, though. Each species and nation sends a rep to sit on the parliament so that there is always equal and fair representation.

Everything about Port Cytin isn't right and good. There is a dark side to the port where the things that people don't want to think about take place. Murders, theft, slavery, bribery... you name it.

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