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 Greywald, Himalayan Mountains Equivalent
Oct 27 2016, 11:47 AM
Speak politely to...

Greywald is a beautiful and ornate city in the Dragonbreak Mountains. The mountains are named for the mighty beings who call them home. While some dragons can change shape and speak numerous languages, not all of them chose too. Greywald gives those that do wish to interact and enjoy other forms a place to congregate and meet with other species of the world. The city is a bastion of knowledge and learning for those that wish to partake of the rich fount of knowledge the dragons have gathered.

Its normal for dragons to hold themselves aloft from most of the going ons in the world, but it's not always possible. Many of the dragons bring their eggs to the hatching grounds to be born. The Hatching grounds are patrolled and protected by magic. Eggs are brought here to prevent them being stolen as many people want to steal eggs for both magic components, but also to raise a dragon as if they can be a pet of some sort.

...an enraged Dragon.
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