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 Alden Info, Ireland Equivalent
Dec 23 2015, 01:59 PM
Stretching towards the Stars
Once upon a time Alden was a welcoming, warm and beautiful city located on an island in the northern seas. It was full of wisdom, kindness, forest, and rolling green hills. The last two decades had seen that change drastically. The previous king and queen had been exiled for stealing the countries treasury and in there place now ruled a woman who was not mentally stable and growing more unstable by the day. On the outside, Alden is still a beautiful forest kingdom, but the hungry fill the streets and people jailed at a whim.

The old king and queen had been falsely accused of their crimes and their four daughters taken from them to be raised by other people. No one even know the children were still alive and the children had no memory of their parents or who they were. Any hope they had of them returning to save the country from the horrors that now held it were slim to none.

The magistrate, known as Faelwen, has plans for the country. None of which are good for the elves that live there or any of their allies. Enter Alden with caution because getting on the wrong side of those in power could find you locked in a dark dungeon or executed before any even realizes you are missing.
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