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 Paradise Info, Dubai Area Equivalent
Dec 23 2015, 01:32 PM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Paradise is a city constantly changing. It is built on the sands of the desert, so even the ground is eternally moving and changing. With its place between the desert and the coast, it is a place that thieves and more love to call home. The harsh desert, the Violet Dunes, are virtually impassible during the day so disappearing into straight of a ship docking in the night is easy for someone who doesn't want to be found.

As with other cities around the world, Paradise sets its own rules. They stand independent of the country they reside in because no one wishes to claim such a place, despite its idealistic name. Slavers are one of the few problems that are a plague on this city. Thieves, dirty business men, murders, those are all seen in a normal day.

The constable is dirty and can be bought off with the right amount of gold or drinks at the Dragon Ale-y. The Dragon Ale-y is the place to get gossip, make connections or get a good drink and a bite to eat. It is owned by Crinda, a dwarf with an attitude and a mouth. The tavern was recently remodeled after a customer caught more than half of it on fire over a poker game. Need something? Ask Crinda, he can get it or knows where you can.

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