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We welcome writers of all levels and backgrounds. Please register your OOC account first and sign up for the chatbox with your OOC name, or as close as you can get. If you have questions feel free to ask! Make sure you go over our rules and the site information also. The setting is earth, but with an alternate history and names for locations. We are currently putting together information on the various places and their real earth equivalents.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Akira Rackhir Non-Humans 1-November 16 100
alostboyspride Members 20-February 17 0
Alyona Non-Humans 5-November 16 17
Anya-Sofia Members 2-November 16 0
Archer Members 1-February 16 1
Ashenar Demons 30-October 16 0
Beleth Members 16-June 16 1
Belial Members 3-July 17 1
Biblix Demons 8-September 17 1
Bre The Beast Members 5-November 16 -9
Callisto Andreas Demons 12-October 17 1
Cama Non-Humans 16-September 17 1
Capt. Jameson Hawk Humans 24-December 15 10
Carter McMahon Demons 29-December 16 5
Catlin Bandi Non-Humans 1-November 16 7
Celine Ryder Non-Humans 2-November 16 0
Centaura Non-Humans 3-November 16 1
Chase Members 17-April 17 0
Cheyenne Blackburn Non-Humans 30-October 16 1
Cicero Rákóczy Non-Humans 25-October 16 1
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RPG-D Black Prism photobucket Libertas Weyr War Is Brewing
Istari Revaliir Code 8
OHaV Once Upon a Nightmare