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10/10/2017: New member directory, please update you info. Picture links saved. Contact staff for them.
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 Face Claim
Dec 21 2015, 01:19 PM
Face Claim
Face Claims are mandatory so that other players know what faces are available or not. Please make sure to copy the code and reply to this post with it. Reserves will be held a minimum of two weeks, but may be held longer.
A — B — C — D — E
Amnell, StephenCicero Rákóczy
Atwell, HayleyStarling
Balzo, RaffaelloKalen Darindhal
Biersack, AndyRiley Dlorenhazh
Brody, AdrienJoseph Lawrence
Cavill, HenryIairos Varela
Clynes, JustinDonovan Haywood
Dahlhaus, BenIslwyn Mance
Davis, AustinIngwe Elendil
Diaconu, Andreea Emma Caine
Elba, IdrisXilous
F — G — H — I — J
Fabel, SaraDalinda Elendil
Fassbender, MichaelCHARACTER NAME
Fawn, FeliceAlyona
Ferreria, SkyHazel Wolfsbane
Hemsworth, ChrisVincent Jacobs
Gabby by Ched53Conscious Cazador
Howland, RickCrinda
HwayoungLui Meifeng
Johansson, Scarlett ➞ Rien Cipher ➞ Jones, JuliaEluwei
K — L — M — N — O
Kallis, Valentina D'nore Aladaria
Kelson, AliceLorin Black
Kielgast, DanielKenneth Lohen
Knightly, KieraLaceandril Del-Morgaan
Lauridsen , MathiasZach Finley
Levy, JuneWren Shadowbrook
Loubris, AmyCheyenne Blackburn
Manfredini, Alessandro Sturat Brennan
Mcnamara, KatSariel
Meyers, DinaDestiny Fawlker
Momson, TaylorKelly Heaton
O'donoghue, ColinCapt. Jameson Hawk
P — Q — R — S — T
Palmer, TeresaNessa Aladaria
Ray, RiyaCatlin Bandi
Ryan, MattTieraohapthos
Solo, KseniaDrusa Delis
Skarsgard, AlexanderSzethe L'tanshié
Somerhalder, IanCarter McMahon
Staite, JewelHayes Kingsly
Stam, JessicaLu and Sera Aladaria
Streitwieser, MatthiasGerwulf Brandt
Temple, JunoLorelei McGreggor
Teixeira, MarlonLayne Hawthrone
Thornton, MikeWizard
U — V — W — X — Y — Z
Ulliel, GaspardIlvarus Aeruinon
Varrecchia, AnthonyShawn O'Conall
ViktoryaRachel Heaton
Vodianova, NataliaMarina Thálassa
Reservations and Code


[CODE*]➞ <*b>LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME<*/b> is reserved for <*i>USERNAME<*/i> until <*u>DATE<*/u>
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Oct 16 2017, 09:23 PM
Please see Member directory for current Playby use. This will remain until Jan first in order to assist people redoing their MD.
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application | shipper | wanted || Played by Luna || She/Her | EST | Offline
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