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We welcome writers of all levels and backgrounds. Please register your OOC account first and sign up for the chatbox with your OOC name, or as close as you can get. If you have questions feel free to ask! Make sure you go over our rules and the site information also. The setting is earth, but with an alternate history and names for locations. We are currently putting together information on the various places and their real earth equivalents.
10/10/2017: New member directory, please update you info. Picture links saved. Contact staff for them.
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Oct 27 2016, 08:47 PM


PM Staff or Message us on Chatango if you have more questions or need help beyond what is available in the information. Feel free to use the chatbox as well.
Question One How do I sign up?
Answer One Start out making your OOC account. You will link your character accounts to this account for easy access when you're posting. This is required by the way. If you have questions setting up a character account, let one of the staff know and we will walk you through it.
Question Two Can we make child characters?
Answer Two Children characters are allowed. You are not allowed to include them in sexual or drug use related RP though. Basically, all mature content must involve characters 18 or older. Also, playbys for character over 18 need to use playbys that are over 18 also.
Question Three Is there a word count on the character app?
Answer Three No. We only expect you to use common sense and give us enough information outside a characters abilities and strength/weaknesses to let us know them. A bit of personality, history or both. They can be as long as you want, but try to make it longer than a couple of sentences. If it is an original character then you need to explain how they came to be. For example, hybrids should have an explanation explaining how the character's bloodlines got mixed. Curse characters should explain the curse and how it works.
Question Four What if I want to add a city/country that I use a lot in my RP's
Answer Four That's easy! Just fill out one of the board request forms for the item you wish to add. This applies to the Timeline as well. Important events for you and your characters are welcome to be added.
Question Five How do I sign up for the chatboxes?
Answer Five In the bottom right corner it will say "SET NAME" click here to register your name and password. Please make your username as close to your site OOC name as possible. In the IC Chatbox you are welcome to use the 'temporary' name and put in your characters name. You will have to log out of your regular chatbox account to change to the temporary name feature. You may also make chatango accounts for your characters if you so wish. Just do not use these accounts in the OOC chat please.
Question Six Can I do threads in the past?
Answer Six You are welcome to play at any point in your characters time line. Please note a 'past' thread as "PT" when you do your title and topic, especially for open threads.
Question Seven Can I have associate or sub-characters to go with my mains?
Answer Seven Yes, you may have associate characters along with your mains. These characters should normally be played only when you're playing the main character. Like a side kick almost, but exceptions can be made depending on the need, just check with the staff!

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