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 Rien Cipher, Demon
Oct 8 2017, 09:30 PM
Rien Cipher

115 |Demons |Scarlet Johannson
Adaptable | Selfish | Wasteful
"Don't like your look, steal a new one"
Abilities & Strengths:
+Doesn’t need to breathe in the traditional manner when blank faced
+Skin absorbs oxygen
+Development of features is painless
+Slightly telepathic, can see what someone wants her to look like without asking
+Doesn’t age
+Takes on powers of the person who's face she steals
+Can take on a form without stealing a face, but prefers to peel them off people.
+Has a retractable hook on her wrist that she can use to peel off faces
-Holy weapons
-Holy ground
-The powers she takes on are a limited version of the real thing
-Telepathic ability is limited to images and desires
-Can be mentally disabled by someone with super-fast shifting images and desires of the person they want to see. Or by someone with mental abilities.
-Faces can be peeled off of her physically if she is hurt or knocked out

Rien is fairly young as far as demons go. In hell, she was invisible and for somethings, that was good. No one noticed her or tried to hurt her much. On the other hand, it made it hard to get her good work in front of the boss cause no one realized who did it or why. Rien could change shape and become anything she needed to be to get a job done. When she finally did something to get noticed, she was allowed to come to the surface. It was much harder to blend in on the surface. Humans made attention to a blank human form walking around than a demon did.

It didn't take her long to figure out she needed to look like something or someone to learn her way around. She moved from animals to people. Anything to get her through and get her what she wanted or needed. She fed on dreams and desires. The more physical a desire, the better. It wasn't exactly lust, because the desire could be anything from looks, to money. The first time that she became a person was interesting. She tried to take the form on her own, but it kept slipping away. Frustrated, she killed the woman she had been looking at and ripped her face off in anger. Her powers took the flesh and melded it to her body making it her face. There was a sick joy she got from slicing faces off and she changed almost daily sometimes.

Luna | 38 | PM OR Chatango

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Oct 8 2017, 09:39 PM
Your Application has been approved. It will be moved to the correct section for your membergroup. Now... get out there and have fun!!!
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